This collection is CLAUS TYLER's declaration of love to the European riviera. Multi-layered shades of blue are a tribute to a radiant early summer day and the calm sea, reflecting the colour of the sky.


The vegetation of the coast is in full bloom, captured in warm yellow tones. Turquoise-green nuances resemble the foliage of the coastal trees. In this collection, Mr. Tyler manages to capture the unique vibes that already inspired the masters of Impressionism to create their most beautiful works.

Dynamic prints play a major role. Floral, abstract elements uniquely convey the mood of summer and a touch of wanderlust. They can be found on high-quality materials such as silk or sustainable material mixes made of cellulose fibers.


A woman who is wearing CLAUS TYLER is aware of her elegance and femininity and wants to celebrate it day by day, with style and high quality items. She is a cultured, successful cosmopolitan who knows exactly what she wants and where she stands in life. 



CLAUS TYLER - that is fashion and design. Originally founded in Vienna, the label stands for timeless and stylish design as well as for know-how and competence in the European fashion industry.

The experienced team around designer and creative impresario Mr. Tyler stands for precise conceptual design.


The focus on the longevity and portability of the creations is CLAUS TYLER's distinct interpretation of sustainability. Sustainability and the European roots were integrated into the DNA of the label. Therefore CLAUS TYLER also heralds a commitment to the regional production of their designs.


If you have any questions regarding a Claus Tyler creation or are interested in one of the Studio gowns, please do not hesitate to contact us any time. Our team will answer all you questions and assists you choosing the perfect Claus Tyler dress for your special occasion.